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Featured Poet for Flytrap, Issue 9 

(June 2008)

 Lessons cycle:
Lessons In Thermodynamics
Lessons In Architecture
Lessons In Petrology
Lessons In Horticulture

Goblin Fruit (Spring 2007)

Goblin Fruit (Winter 2007)

Goblin Fruit (Fall 2006)
Past the Rivers

The Journal of Mythic Arts (Summer/Autumn 2006)

The Child Bride of the Lost City of Ubar 

(Nominated for the Rhysling Award.)

Featured poet for Goblin Fruit 

(Spring 2008)
The Jeweler’s Wife
The Girl With Two Skins
Landscape With Girl And Clams
The Ballad of All the Things I Might Have Written

Featured poet for GrendelSong #2 (Magazine is now defunct.)
Blood Poem series:

Inhumed, Her Star-Staked Body Bloodless Lies
Glass, Blood, and Ash
An Intersection of Blood and Gold
How Comes This Blood Upon the Key?
An Issue of Blood

Electric Velocipede, Issue 11 

(Fall 2006)
The Inkmaker’s Wife
Anatomy of a Yes

Jabberwocky II 

(Print edition, out of print.)

Cabinet des Fées 

(May 2006)
The Gardener and the Gravekeeper

Laura Hird’s Showcase (2008)

(Website is now defunct.)
Sedna, Submerged
Skadi in the Forest of Legs

Xelas Magazine

(Magazine is now defunct.)
In the Arms of the Purple-Swathed Muses (translation of Sappho fragment)
Notes from a Previous Tenant

Star*Line 29.1 

(Out of print.)
The Cook’s Wife

Mythic Delirium #14
The Descent of the Corn Queen of the Midwest 

(Featured Poem–nominated for the Rhysling Award and the Pushcart Prize.)

The Queen of Hearts

Mythic Delirium #13
The Queen of Hearts

Out of Print

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