Audio Stories

Serial Boxes

Batman: The Blind Cut

A new, original adventure of the Dark Knight, as a terrifying adversary enacts a bold plan to bring Gotham City to its knees.

In the Future When All’s Well

These days, pretty much anything will turn you into a vampire. 

The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland – for a Little While

Once upon a time, a very practical girl named Mallow defeated King Goldmouth and saved several worlds.


The Beasts Who Fought for Fairyland Until the Very End and Further Still

As the evil Marquess ascends to rule over Fairyland, a wyvern, the Green Wind, and a giant cat cope with their broken-hearted disappointment and embrace the magic of saying No.

No One Dies in Nowhere

In the afterlife city of Nowhere, where nothing happens and the only thing to do is forget, a detective investigates an impossible murder.

A Perfect Host

She does not ride in on a white horse. She is beautiful and she is young.

White Lines on a Green Field

The year Coyote took the Devils to the State Championship: a modern folktale.

A Fall Counts Anywhere

Welcome to the twelfth annual All Souls’ Cleave. Strap yourselves in for the most epic battle royal of all time.