Zen and the Art of Birthdays

Oh, and should anyone care, which, you know, I’m pretty sure they don’t…

My birthday is May 5th. There was going to be a big Prom-themed party, but it’s being rescheduled because May is too full for words and no one can come during the actual month of my birthday. Should you wish to come to said Prom, (see, I never got to go to mine, being a mini-prodigy who graduated after sophomore year, and sometimes people try to do amazing things for you) which will be Mad Tea Party-themed and awesome, talk to Class President Grailquestion. And tell me, because I’d like to know who’s coming.

But still, my birthday is May 5th, should you want to say happy birthday, or send a card, or suchlike. I turn 27 this year, for those playing along at home.

I’m very weird about my birthdays because, well, they tend to get forgotten or skipped over or shrugged off or in some other way made nothing of. Sam has been gone four birthdays running and I think I can safely say the only people to ever bother to try to make something of it are grailquestion and godlyperspectiv. So I generally take the glum attitude that no one will notice or care while desperately wanting them to, as per the child who was once hurriedly taken to Longs’ Drugs the evening of May 5th and gifted with a thermos and a t-shirt while her brother was taken on vacation to Mexico for his birthday that same year. It is sad, but it is a complex that has been deeply driven in by years of, well, no one noticing or much caring. I wish I could kick it, but I’m only human.

I am generally not in a very good mood on my birthday. But on LJ it is traditional to point it out, and say hey. I’m old. Should you want to send something, my current address is under the cut.


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