World Fantasy

So, it has been strongly suggested to me by the folks at both Prime and
Bantam that I attend the World Fantasy convention. I had decided
against this due to cost, but now I realize that I am a good deal
closer (being in Cleveland) to Madison than previously estimated. It is
somewhat conceivable to swing this. So I ask you:

Anyone else going to WF?

Anyone else going to WF that has space in their hotel room for a
brunette author with excellent conversation skills who takes up a
minimum of space?

Anyone else going to WF that is driving in a general east-to-west direction?

Anyone want to make an argument for or against a CMV presence at said convention?

Either way, it was massively cool to get an email from Random House
asking if I would be attending the banquet. Look, Ma, I’m a real writer!

Oh, and also, check out my sweet new default icon.

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