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The Bread We
Eat In Dreams

The Melancholy
of Mechagirl

The Future is Blue

Individual Stories

Ocean Stories, XPRIZE, June 2019
The Seething Sea Sufficeth Us

A People’s Future of the United States, eds. Charlie Jane Anders, Lesley LaValle, and John Joseph Adams, One World, February 2019
The Sun in Exile

The Future is Blue, Subterranean Press, July 2018
Two and Two Is Seven
Major Tom
Flame, Pearl, Mother, Autumn, Virgin, Sword, Kiss, Blood, Heart, and Grave

Lightspeed Magazine (Issue 92, January 2018)
Golubash, or, Wine-War-Blood-Elegy (Reprint.)

Robots vs. Fairies, eds. Dominik Parisien and Navah Wolfe, Saga Press, January 2018
A Fall Counts Anywhere

The Weight of Words, ed. William Schafer, Subterranean, December 2017
No One Dies in Nowhere

Mad Hatters and March Hares, eds. Ellen Datlow and Devi Pillai, Tor Books, December 2017
The Flame After the Candle

Uncanny Magazine, Issue 18 (September/October 2017)
Down and Out in R’lyeh Nevertheless, She Persisted Anthology (March 2017)
The Ordinary Woman and the Unquiet Emperor

The Beasts Who Fought for Fairyland Until the Very End and Further Still

The Starlit Wood: New Fairy Tales, eds. Dominik Parisien and Navah Wolfe, Saga Press, October 2016
Badgirl, the Deadman, and The Wheel of Fortune

The Center for Fiction (September 2016)
The Consultant

Uncanny Magazine, Issue 11 (July/August 2016)
Snow Day

Drowned Worlds: Tales from the Anthropocene and Beyond, ed. Jonathan Strahan, Solaris, July 2016
The Future is Blue

Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue #200 (May 2016)
The Limitless Perspective of Master Peek, or, the Luminescence of Debauchery

Apex Magazine, Issue 83 (April 2016)
The Quidnunx

The Bestiary, ed. Ann VanderMeer, Cheeky Frawg Books, February 2016
Orsinus Liborum

Fantasy Magazine, December 2015 (Issue 59) – Queers Destroy Fantasy! Special Issue
The Lily and the Horn

Uncanny Magazine, Issue 4 (May/June 2015)
Planet Lion

Clarkesworld Magazine #100, #102 (January, March 2015)
The Long Goodnight of Violet Wild (Part 1)
The Long Goodnight of Violet Wild (Part 2)

Twenty-First Century Science Fiction,
eds. David G. Hartwell & Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Tor Books, November 2013
How to Become a Mars Overlord (Reprint.)

Subterranean Press Magazine (Summer 2013)
The Shootout at Burnt-Corn Ranch over the Bride of the World

Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells: An Anthology of Gaslamp Fantasy,
eds. Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, Tor Books, March 2013
We Without Us Were Shadows

Clarkesworld Magazine #71 (August 2012)
Fade to White

The Future is Japanese, eds. Nick Mamatas & Masumi Washington, Haikasoru, May 2012
One Breath, One Stroke

Clarkesworld Magazine #61, #62, #63 (October – December 2011)
Silently and Very Fast

Apex Magazine, Issue 30 (November 2011)
The Bread We Eat in Dreams

Subterranean Press Magazine (Fall 2011)
White Lines on a Green Field (July 2011)
The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland — For a Little While | For Kindle

Fantasy Magazine, July 2011 (Issue 52)
The Wolves of Brooklyn

Welcome to Bordertown, eds. Holly Black & Ellen Kushner, Random House LLC, May 2011
A Voice Like a Hole

Teeth: Vampire Tales, eds. Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, HarperCollins, April 2011
In the Future When All’s Well

Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded, eds. Ann & Jeff VanderMeer, Tachyon Publications, November 2010
The Anachronist’s Cookbook (Reprint.)

Haunted Legends, eds. Ellen Datlow & Nick Mamatas, Tor Books, September 2010
15 Panels Depicting the Sadness of the Baku and the Jotai

Lightspeed Magazine (Issue 3, August 2010)
How to Become a Mars Overlord

Clarkesworld Magazine #47 (August 2010)
Thirteen Ways of Looking at Space/Time

Weird Tales #356 (Summer 2010)

Dark Faith, eds. Maurice Broaddus & Jerry Gordon, Apex Publications, May 2010
The Days of Flaming Motorcycles

The Stories in Between: A Between Books Anthology, Fantasist Enterprises, January 2010
Proverbs of Hell

Steampunk Tales #1 (Originally available via Apple App Store, the publication is now defunct.)
The Anachronist’s Cookbook

Clarkesworld Magazine #35 (August 2009)
The Radiant Car Thy Sparrows Drew

By Blood We Live, ed. John Joseph Adams, Night Shade Books, August 2009

Troll’s Eye View: A Book of Villainous Tales, eds. Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, Firebird, August 2010
A Delicate Architecture

Clockwork Phoenix 2: More Tales of Beauty and Strangeness,
ed. Mike Allen, Mythic Delirium Books, July 2009
The Secret History of Mirrors

Federations, ed. John Joseph Adams, Prime Books, January 2009
Golubash, or, Wine-War-Blood-Elegy

Spectra Pulse Magazine, Summer 2008
The Harpooner at the Bottom of the World 

Ravens in the Library – Magic in the Bards Name, eds. Phil Brucato & Sandra Buskirk, Quiet Thunder, 2009
The Ballad of the Sinister Mr Mouth (Reprint for a benefit anthology to aid musician S.J. Tucker.)

Paper Cities: An Anthology of Urban Fantasy, ed. Ekaterina Sedia, Senses Five Press, April 2008
Palimpsest (Senses Five Press website now defunct.)

Farrago’s Wainscot
The Hanged Man

Clockwork Phoenix: Tales of Beauty and Strangeness, ed. Mike Allen, Norilana Books, July 2008
The City of Blind Delight

Clarkesworld Magazine #20 (May 2008)
A Buyer’s Guide to Maps of Antarctica

Behind the Wainscot: 5:1 Post Industrial Fantasy
The Proslogium of the Great Lakes

Journal of Mythic Arts: Young Adult Fiction Issue (Summer 2007)
La Serenissima (Currently unavailable.)

Lone Star Stories, No. 22 (August 2007)
The Ballad of the Sinister Mr. Mouth

Interfictions: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing,
eds. Theodora Goss & Delia Sherman, Interstitial Arts Foundation, April 2007
A Dirge For Prester John

Salon Fantastique: Fifteen Original Tales of Fantasy,
eds. Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, Running Press, September 2006
A Grey and Soundless Tide

Best New Fantasy
The Maiden-Tree (Reprint.)

Mythic 2, ed. by Mike Allen, Mythic Delirium Books, September 2006
Temnaya and the House of Books

Electric Velocipede, Issue 11 (Fall 2006)
Milk and Apples (Currently unavailable.)

Clarkesworld Magazine #3 (December 2005)
Urchins, While Swimming

Lone Star Stories, No. 14 (April 2006)
Thread: A Triptych

The Minotaur in Pamplona: Book II, ed. Neil Ayres, D-Press, 2005 (Out of print.)
Ascent Is Not Allowed

The Book of Voices, ed. Michael Butscher, Flame Books, 2005
(Printed in association with PEN International, out of print.)
Psalm of the Second Body

Fantasy Magazine, November 2005 (Issue 1)
Bones Like Black Sugar

Jabberwocky I (Print edition, out of print.)
Mother Is a Machine
An excerpt from The Ice Puzzle

Cabinet des Fees‘ Scheherezade’s Bequest, Issue 1 (July 2005)
The Maiden-Tree

The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Eighteenth Annual Collection,
eds. Ellen Datlow, Gavin Grant, & Kelly Link, St. Martin’s Griffin, July 2005
The Oracle Alone

Papaveria Press
Ghosts of Gunkanjima
A hardbound, limited edition of 24 books created by Erzebet Carr. Sold out.

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