Wisconage, Postponed

I have much to blog about. Wiscon was fabulous, as Wiscon is wont to be.  But I cannot manage an entry right now, as my brain is still egg-sizzling with sleep deprivation. But as you can see here, I laughed a lot. And kind of looked like hell, apparently, but that’s neither here nor there. I had a blast.

I will, however, say briefly that Ghosts of Gunkanjima is now available from Papaveria Press. It is a minature book, and it is extraordinary. Like anything from Papaveria, the contents hardly matter, the book is so beautiful. But, as beauty requires content: it contains a short story of mine involving the ghosts of Chinese and Korean workers on Gunkanjima Island (more about the history of that place here, with stunning photos here) and the book, as befits a tale about industrial wastelands, is covered in rusted wire and the skeletons of leaves. It also features two bone panels by erzebet, who is the Mistress of Dead Things. (Now that I think of it, she would make a perfect Ereshkigal, should such a thing be filmed.) Godlyperspectiv and I are working on a flash film of Ghosts, which should be on the site in the next couple of months. There are only 13 copies left, and had we brought the whole batch to Wiscon, they would have been gone already, so get one now–these are the most amazing things I’ve seen out of Papaveria, and that’s saying something.

Also released today is Sleeping Beauty, Indeed, a collection of lesbian-themed fairy tale retellings. A reprint of my Bones Like Black Sugar (speaking of bones) appears therein. Apparently this is a pretty popular story, as I had more people say “You wrote that?!” at Wiscon than I would ever expect for a little old Gretel-retelling. Must be the lesbian necrophilia.

Now, I must go compose a botanical story, finish emailing everyone from Wiscon, and finish submitting to folk who asked for submissions. Post-con clean up is always a daunting task. Full con report soon.

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