Whoa, said the leather-clad frog

Well, it’s a big day in my neck of the web.

My website, she has been completely revamped by the
superhero-like talents of and (with a little bit
of graphical sidekick action from me). There are many, many new things there, and
I highly recommend you check it out.

For those of you still waiting, there is a downloadable copy
of the paper I delivered at Wiscon, Follow
the Yellow-Brick Road:
Katabasis and the Female Hero in Alice
in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz,
and The Nutcracker Ballet.

The Ice Puzzle is also, I’m happy to say, finished. You will
find the chapters all subtly changed, and a final chapter in the form of a
puzzle up on the site. The first person who sends in a completed final chapter
will receive a signed set of all four of my books. Good luck and thanks for
your patience! I think, when you see the final chapter, you’ll see why it took
so long to finish. And again, I have to bow to the superior graphic design
powers of and , who helped me to realize what was
an admittedly difficult and hazy idea.

Thirdly, on the new site you will also find a new blog. The
“mission statement” is up there, but in essence it is a writing blog, the one
I’ve been promising to start for months. I’ll be reviewing books there,
interviewing the occasional author, and ruminating on my own work, fun with the
market, and chronicling the path of the fairy tales as they slowly progress from the
Bantam offices into print — hopefully watching me go through the process will help
a few other writers out there navigate their own way. The LJ will stay and will be for informal
hilarity and swear words, while I will try to keep up a moderately professional
demeanor over there. Meaning, um, no blonde jokes. Or something. The whole mess
is called Goblin Market, and the LJ RSS feed is . Spread the word!

If anyone wants to linkswap, I’m happy to list you, as
long as you have something tangentially to do with art and I don’t think you’re
the reincarnation of something very evil and having to do with rhinoceroses.

There’s also a big announcement over there as to a new
project I’m entering into with of Papaveria Press. But if I told you
what it was here, you wouldn’t go there, so…go there. Or to , because
she’ll probably be crowing about it at some point, too.

And finally, I have posted the first of the long-promised
Blogathon extras over at . Again, I apologize for the delay. I know a lot of you defriended that
journal after the event, but you really ought to re-add it, because I plan to
knock out the rest of the extras over the next month or so (except the
individual poems, which will take longer) and at the moment, you can find a
translation of the new Sappho poem posted and shiny. If you add the journal,
I’ll add you back, but please, only if you donated to the Global Fund for Women
back in August.

I think that’s it. I’d love to know what you think of the
new site, so hollaback, as Gwen Stefani says before a spelling bee.
I’m going to go collapse.

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