Weekend Plans

We are off to Columbus this afternoon to see The Dresden Dolls,
continuing our streak of “Damn, lookit how many bands Cat wants to see
and is willing to drag grailquestion and godlyperspectiv to are playing in Ohio this month!”
Even Margaret Cho, while not a band, is in Canton this weekend, but I
am not sure we are attending, for there is Work to Be Done.

It’ll have to be damn good to top The Decemberists, though.

Not entirely sure what to wear, really. How does one dress for
vintage/retro-alternagoth-pianochick music? Other than, you know, in
black. My kingdom for striped thigh-highs!

Then we will be “blogathonning” this weekend. Not affliated with the
official event, nor fundraising, but the word has come to mean writing
marathons around here. Two days of solid work, ass-in-chair,
eyes-on-screen, fingers-on-keys computer time, for our various projects. If all goes
swimmingly I’ll come out the other end with a new novel finished. I may
even take part in that slightly squicky trend of progress bars. Any and
all words of encouragement, care packages, search and rescue vehicles,
and notes to our next of kin are appreciated.

In other news, my cell phone is finally fixed, where fixed = replaced, so I’m available on the other end of it, for once.

All is pretty and rose-strewn in the Cleveland Bubble.

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