Way Down South Where Bananas Grow

Ok, yes, I admit it, I’m on myspace. But I really love you best, LJ. I don’t blog there or anything. I wouldn’t cheat on you, baby!

Anyway. Reading tomorrow in Maryland! People ought to come, for it will be a rollicking good Greek-themed time. Not that kind of Greek, you rapscallions. That’s after.

UofM Campus, College Park, 7 pm in Room 2309 (Art/Sociology Building) Be there or , well, hear about it on the internet. I am going to make a rudimentary attempt at podcasting (Memorex, not live, unfortunately, that is way beyond my capabilities) the reading, so keep your fingers crossed. Sibylla, your mission, should you choose to accept it in exchange for a ride to the reading, is to hold the recording device. Exitement? Pontiac.

Obviously, if you have books, I’ll sign them, and I’ll have a few at the reading if you need to flesh out your collections, or, er, start them. I make no assumptions.

If folks want to hang out afterwards, I’m available for that, as I’ve never really been to Maryland. Driven through, yes, been, no.

Ye gods, I have no idea what to wear. But thrilled and nervous = very yes. Will be drawing up the set list later today. I hear they want classics (since the Classics Dept is co-funding this shindig) and cross-cultural (read: Japanese) items. Good thing those happen to be the house specials.

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