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Some of you may know who is the boss of me over at Bantam Spectra–her name is Juliet Ulman and even before I secretly thought she was the best editor ever, as she is smart as hell and kind to my manuscript while not letting me get away with too much, and also funny and nice. She’s also internet drama-proof, as she does not have a blog. I had heard all kinds of stories about the Big Bad Editor what lives at New York publishing houses and eats small children and manuscripts with teeth that drip rejections. Lo–their roars shake the Brooklyn Bridge. They may exist, I’m almost sure they do, but in some previous life I sacrificed a really good goat, because in this life I got to work with Juliet.

And yesterday, as a gift to congratulate me on the Tiptree and the NYPL listing, she sent me a Tardis. It’s a lovely die-cast model, quite surprisingly large, a little less than a foot tall.

Yes, I am a geek and further a Who geek, and have been wanting this forever. It’s a household god thing–I have icons all over my desk of various things (not sure if anyone cares enough for the list) and I wanted this one.

But what needs to be pointed out is that my editor sent me this. And that she is the Best Editor Ever. No contest. I am so happy to have a relationship with my editor where geeky presents that mean the world are possible. I mean, presents by themselves are pretty amazing, let alone!! The world is not big enough for the awesome that is her–on top of which she’s kind of brilliant. I got so damn lucky. Thank you, thank you!

So I am possessed of Tardis, which made me giddily happy last night. I actually gasped so hard when I opened the box I coughed. Then I squealed. Then I jumped around and made a fool of myself. When I found out who sent it I squealed some more. It was a loud house last night. Full of ohmygods. I immediately took it out of the box, by the way, because I am not that kind of geek. It is, as Juliet points out, shaped just like an award statuette. 😉

If you’re asking yourself why I make such a big deal out of a toy, even realizing how rare and cool and editor who would send such a thing, let alone remember a random conversation where I mentioned it, let alone bother to send presents of any stripe, must be, I will quote the entry I wrote six months ago, when my life was a great deal darker and more confusing than it is now:

I would love to have a little model TARDIS on my desk, to remind me about the importance of making that choice, the choice to chase something impossible and extraordinary but totally unsafe over the Powell Estates and all they represent. Sometimes I need to be reminded that the former is almost always the better choice.

Word to the wise.

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