Tree Pretty

In an act of comfort-internet (as the last day has sucked beyond the telling. If you saw the flocked post, you know, if not, I don’t think I’m allowed to post about it publically) I went at got an account at what appears to be the MySpace for not-tards, It seems reasonably good, enough to suck about 2 hours out of my afternoon. Plus you get free stuff.

I’ll send an invite if you want one, or if you’re already a member…you know.

I just can’t work or think or do much of anything today. My brain is huddled and hibernating. Good thing we’re going out on the boat tonight. I need blue therapy.

And on top of all that, my LJ account is expiring, which I just can’t even think about right now. Should I re-up or not? I don’t know. I’ll probably just fret until it actually expires.

Life, she is no good right now.

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