Titled! Ow, my books!


The “fairy tales” have an official title. Er…titles. My bouncing baby quadruplets, midwifed by Bantam:

The Orphan’s Tales.

Volume I: In The Night-Garden (Fall 2006), containing:

The Book of the Steppe
The Book of the Sea

Volume II: In the Cities of Coin and Spice (Fall 2007), containing:

The Book of the Storm
The Book of the Scald

I can stop being vague about them! Yay! Is it uncool to love your own books as if you were a fan? I suppose it probably is.

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115 Responses to Titled! Ow, my books!

  1. Wait – where’s the fourth? Or am I blind?

  2. erzebet says:

    Not uncool at all. I love those titles. 🙂

  3. norilana says:

    Ooooh, these titles are classy! Love them!

  4. shellefly says:

    I love that you love your books that much.
    I think your adoration for them is part of what makes them shine.

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