There and Back Again. But Not Really.

Highways are theoretically (finally) open, I’m now heading home. Wish me luck, and no Pennsylvania mountain ice zombies.

I wrote, and bathed, and rode horses. It was not the worst place ever to be stuck. But I am ready to get the hell out.

replaced me at the con last night because she is the dearest of all possible things, and read valiantly from the Tales–she is a jewel among women. I can’t decide if I wish more that I was there to read or to hear her read. I love hearing other people read from the book. It’s all those voices, you know? They require many different readers. It is a very nice thing to have friends. Thank you, ‘Song.

So, I now venture forth, and will post when it is over and I am in my own house again about this whole debacle. I made the very best of it, but if I’m never stuck in rural Pennsylvania again, I will be a happy lass.

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