Them’s The Rules

Ok, here’s how it’s going to work. This entry will sit like a big duck
on top of the journal for awhile while we all adjust to the new M.O.

is here to stay. It is and will be my main journal. However, you may
have noticed that it’s all locked up now. I am going to unlock the
posts in my memories, but the rest of the archive will stay
friends-locked. This is for my own protection, not to exclude anyone.
Future entries will not be locked, it’s just the history. Once I’ve got
the memories unlocked, I will take requests for other entries to be
opened, in case some of you have things in your memories you still want
access to.

As for friends, if you are not currently on my flist and want to be
friended in order to read the archive, you will need to send me a private email.
This is the only way I can think of to monitor new people. If you don’t
already have a relationship with me, please introduce yourself and
suchlike. I will consider and most likely add you if you don’t set off
my alarums.

will, from now on, be a friends-only journal. It will be for private
posts about my life and my relationships, and access will be limited to
those I trust. So, once again, if you want to be added, you will need
to contact me by email to discuss it. This is more time-intensive than
just clicking an adding icon, but I feel it’s highly necessary at this
point, especially since, as has been pointed out to me many times, I
cannot behave as openly as I once did, now that I’m a poorly paid
author of avant-garde books.

As soon as possible, my website will have a blog called Goblin Market
up, which will be my “industry” blog, like all them other fancified
literary types, for thoughts on the writing process, the publishing
process, as I begin the long road to the mainstream house publication
of the fairy tales in 2007. I will also conduct reviews and interviews
there, so if you are an author or publisher or what have you, contact
me about the review queue.

And those are my three blogs. I have a few others here and there for my
own projects–and no, I haven’t forgotten the Blogathon stuff!–but
this is where I am in the ether-world. You are welcome to sit with me
and converse, but please, mind your manners and don’t eat the grass.

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