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Are you ready for something so cute you might actually fall over dead? Something I’ve never shared online before, with anyone?

That’s right, baby Yuki.

So my dad, having gone to film school in his youth, used to make these videos. And I mean make, because you should keep in mind this was well before imovie made all this common and easy as pumpkin pie out of a can. He edited together footage of my siblings and I and put it to music–music videos. And he spent hours like, physically doing this with two vcrs and a room full of editing equipment, possibly actually cutting real-live film, not with a shiny Mac and 15 minutes.

This one was my Christmas present when I was 11. So all the footage is from a pretty young age. Way back to about 3. I was not even kidding with that hair.

Also, let us take a moment to forgive the music. It was 1990, man! A crazy, carefree time full of hair bands, Aquanet, and power ballads–they might seem silly now but they were so cool when I was 11! So were legwarmers and crimped hair! Granted, I was not a cool 11 year old, not in the slightest. But you can’t be hardcore your whole life. You have to start somewhere.

Apparently I started with being totally unable to safely extinguish my birthday candles. And yes, that is me, proto-geek, dressed up as Leia with straight-up cinnamon buns made out of her own hair.

Anyway, I’m trusting you with this–little Victorian wastrels are few and far between these days.
Littlest Cat available online.

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