The Way of All Flesh

Not to be all 2005, but Katamari Damacy is totally addictive. Like, more than Tetris. Although I like it as much for the very recognizable Japanese objects I used to own as for the gameplay.

However, I am officially getting old, because I can’t play it for too long without getting a headache from screen-stare and thumb-ache from holding the joysticks forward. Sigh. I just ain’t a spring gamer chicken no more.

Combining the old and the new, I also made goulash for the first time today. Goulash is one of my favorite things on an Earth full of things that I almost never get to have. Now, my first google-run for recipes turned up horrifying American versions with ground beef, Campbell’s tomato soup, and bell peppers as main ingredients. No paprika at all. WTFVOMIT. But I did unearth an actual recipe and went at it, making everything from scratch (including spaetzels!) with imported sweet paprika and lamb substituted, since the housemates decline beef and I’m starting to as well, and adding the bare minimum of modern gourmet touches. It was pronounced better than the Czech restaurant we visited last weekend, so I call that a success for an Italian chick with no Eastern European blood in her whatsoever. I made a basil salad and strawberry cobbler for dessert. It was a four-hour process and I listened to X-Files episodes on my laptop while I peeled garlic and potatoes and mixed dough, and it was very pleasant, and I find cooking to be so grounding and relaxing, and I am really getting good at it these days. I may even try pumpkin gnocchi again this fall, my only notable failure.

I also scraped the hell out of my thumbs peeling the only potatoes we had on hand, which were quite small, and when reducing strawberry juice and Godiva liqueur for a drizzley syrup, lifted a spoon to taste it and dripped hot, boiling sauce on my breast, where it peeled back the skin and raised a blister the size of a nickel. Because I am that hot Italian chick who cooks in a low-cut black shirt and the edge of my breast was bare. Motherfucking ow.

So today I am old and injured from almost all of my day’s activities. My back is almost always in pain, so just get me some stockings that won’t stay up and a ladle to brandish and I can stand in as your local crone.

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