The Stars Themselves

When I was in college, I used to read Rob Brezny’s astrology column in our local indie rag every week. I learned about astrology at my mother’s knee, literally, and I know far too much about it for a normal human being–and far too much to put stock in the horoscope side of things. Astrology entered my head around age 10, too early for me to really think too critically about it. I hold it in an intellectual Schrodinger’s box, as I do most of the new age stuff I grew up with (my religious pedagogy was dizzying in its variety to say the least.)

But horoscopes are kind of the red light district of astrology. Most contemporary horoscopes aren’t worth anything, and kept as vague as possible–as well as treacly and annoying. For the curious, extremely specific personal charts are where most astrologers, such as there are these days, make their money, and it’s certainly where I made mine when I worked as a fortune-teller. Mainly cards, some charts, some palms.

But I read Brezny, because he made it an art–little zen koans in a paragraph or less, often as profound as poetry. How much it ever had to do with actual astrology I don’t know, but there is a kind of divinity in the random chance of what your sign said that week–because what it was saying was almost always worthwhile.

I don’t know why I stopped reading it religiously. But every once in awhile I come across his online scopes, and I see that ten years on he’s as good as he ever was. Thanks, Rob.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Much of the work you’re doing right now is
invisible to the naked eye, maybe even to your own naked eye. You’re
learning a lot while you sleep, drawing sustenance from hidden reservoirs
even when you’re awake, and steadily improving yourself through the arts
of creative forgetting and undoing. Continue this subtle artistry, Taurus.
Be cagey. Be discreet. Don’t underestimate how important silence and
even secrecy may be for you right now. The healing transformations
unfolding in almost total darkness should not be exposed or revealed
prematurely; they should be protected with vigilance.

Kinda needed to hear that.

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