The Road Ahead

Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments yesterday. It does help, believe it or not.

Not much doing today–working on the book, which is proceeding, but I need to spin up to full force here pretty quickly. Must go faster, say those chased by dinosaur. Perhaps understandably, however, it has been hard to concentrate.

I have a new cell phone number–please make a note of it, and if you think I might not have your number, email it to me–both contacts are under the cut:


And I’m also going out of town on Friday, so the cell will be necessary for anyone who thinks they might see me in Boston or NYC.

For all you Boston people, of which there are far too many to mention, I really hope to see you at the Pandemonium show on Saturday–we’re free to meet up during the day, as well, as SJ and I are pulling into town on Friday. There are some of you I really, really want to see–thewriteratwork, naufiel, shadesong, sovay, buymeaclue and many others who should  know who they are. It’s a really good show–come, come, come.

I’ll be in New York all next week. But I am only available in the evenings and only some of those at that–rosefox and sinboy are hosting me so that I can write hard and fast and without distraction before I have to go back to Boston on the 10th for a signing with nihilistic_kid. They’re just that kind of awesome. But I would like to see some of the New York tribe before heading home, so call me and we’ll work something out. I’ve been told New York City has visitation rights over me now, so I wouldn’t want to disappoint.

Beyond that, I’m just kind of hanging in there, like the kitten in the poster. Life goes on. And Christmas is coming–not sure how it will shake out in my new financially-straightened universe, but it is Christmas. There might even be snow.

Saturday December 02, 2006 — 7:00pm
Reading/Concert–Catherynne M. Valente & S.J. Tucker
Pandemonium Books & Games
4 Pleasant Street
Boston/Cambridge, MA 02139

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