The Refrigerator Monologues has been released!

The Refrigerator Monologues has gone live, coming straight at you from the Hell Hath Club down in Deadtown! You should be able to find it wherever books are sold, or at least get your friendly neighborhood librarian (or bookseller) to order it for you. It’s also available in a variety of e-formats, since Deadtown is high tech and modernity-compliant (as is the wonderful Saga Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster and our publisher today).

For your shopping convenience, we offer the links below:

IndieBound | Amazon | Powell’s | Barnes & Noble

Should you need more tempting, the early reviews of The Refrigerator Monologues are in and they are fantastic!

“Bestseller Valente’s dazzling new story cycle creates its own comic book universe, complete with the gorgeously wrought prose pyrotechnics that readers have come to expect from her. She’s well known for her skill at unpacking the hidden truths embedded in fairy tales and archetypes; here she turns that skill on the troubling treatment of women in comic books, a perfect fit between author and subject matter. This is Valente at her sharpest and most pointed, ably assisted by illustrations from comics artist Annie Wu (Black Canary).”

Gwenda Bond, Publishers Weekly

“Valente chooses to eschew the soothing route of ‘saving’ her heroines or even letting them save themselves. Instead, she gives them strong voices and allows them to rage, mourn, and regret. She gives them, and the reader, the chance to be furious at the common use of death and incapacitation of women as lazy plot points and reminds us that other stories are always possible.

A ruthless but absorbing and provocative reshaping of the idea that the girlfriend dies, again.”

Kirkus Reviews

 “While ‘The Refrigerator Monologues’ depends a great deal on an insider’s knowledge of comic book lore for maximum enjoyment, those readers adventurous enough to parachute into unfamiliar literary territory will be rewarded by Valente’s biting wit, outlandish world-building and well-focused sense of outrage.”

Portland Press Herald

Don’t forget, you can read Chapter 1 and a chunk of Chapter 2 at and Entertainment Weekly respectively.

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Cat will be at Pandemonium Books & Games in Cambridge, MA tonight to launch The Refrigerator Monologues and sign your books! If you’re within driving distance of Boston, come on down and say hello – she’ll be glad to see you.

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