The Lusty Month of May

In a little over a week, I turn 28. I’ll have a party with friends, which is a fairly new development in my life, pretty much born the year I came home from Japan. I’m dreadfully grateful for that. I always have this little irrational fear that I’ll wake up on May 5th and everyone will have forgotten. Don’t laugh–it’s happened before.

I don’t really have any anxiety about the proximity of 30–I’m fairly at peace with where I am in my life. Most days. But every birthday does make me think: god, 25/22/18/15 was yesterday, and that’s scary, as I know it’ll only go faster and faster, until I wake up and think: god, how did I get to be 80? Because I don’t feel any older than I did ten years ago, and I probably won’t at 80. Time is a funny thing, but at least I’ve moved beyond the point where it drove me literally crazy. I think I can manage 28 with grace.

If anyone wants to send a card or call, these things are most welcome. There’s an Amazon wishlist, of course–what would and LJer with a birthday be without one? But mostly, I’d just like to hear from you guys.

The week after my birthday I’m going out to California to visit my mother–if anyone in the vicinity of San Luis Obispo–and that means LA, too, lazies–wants to meet up, I’m happily open to seeing some old friends and West Coasters.


? Anyone? Bueller? I haven’t been back since 2005, so I’m sure it’ll be surreal. I’ll definitely post some pictures of my mom’s beautiful house in the wine country. And the Pacific, and the Santa Lucia mountains, and my old dog. My little pomeranian Darby that we’ve had since I was 14. Still alive and grumpy, who would have thought? Coming up Argos’ record.

It also begins the Great Collection of Cat’s Things from Various Parts of the Country/World. One day I will not utter the phrase: “I have that…I think it’s in California. Or Greece.” Maybe when I have all those remnants together I’ll stop feeling like I live in six different places at once.
28. 28, and I left my heart in San Francisco. Time to go get it back.

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