When did I become a woman who goes to New York and has a slew of loved ones there, who are fabulous and beautiful and brilliant and make an evening sparkle? Slap my ass and call me Dorothy.

The KGB reading went wonderfully–I think I really nailed the delivery of the selkie story, as someone used the word “stupendous” afterwards. I finally got to hear nineweaving read. And realized how much she is the mythpunk mothercrow. I adore shyly, and say little, because in the face of that beauty, what can you really say? I also got to see sovay, whom I like too much to see so rarely.

Earlier in the day I had a long and delicious lunch with my editor and got to tour the Random House building, which is suitably intimidating. I failed to get myself lost or killed on the subway and even managed to get lost and right myself by my own wits on the upper west side. Might possibly be mistaken for a grown up.

And for the record, ellen_kushner and Delia have the most amazing apartment I have ever seen–it’s huge and gorgeous and carved and 1900s and so big I thought we were still in the building lobby when I walked in. And Delia is a fellow Alice-lover! She has a sculpture of a Tenniel illustration of the Red Queen. I wandered around while Ellen kindly parked my car, since as a California driver I cannot parallel park, and all I could think was…oh, wow. The books I could write in this place!

A weird thought, yes, but it is often my thought upon seeing dwellings which I adore.

I have been up since 4 am, when I left Virginia for the Big Pomegranate, so I must sleep before my body just quits and runs off. I’m like a clockwork doll sometimes, I just keep going till someone stops me. Tomorrow we have an agent meeting, coffee with sinboy, dinner with d_aulnoy, 2muchexposition, rosefox, and sinboy, and the Schaffer the Dark Lord (markschaffer) show, which starts past my bedtime. At the end of this weekend I will either become comatose or just ascend at some terrifyingly high glee-frequency.

Onwards and upwards!

Oh, and it appears that my April KGB reading has been moved up to November 15th, so be there or be very sad, because I am planning a Special and Secret thing.

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