Substitutiary Locomotion

I won’t be posting much for the next couple of days (an announcement that usually heralds a flurry of posts, so, take it with a grain) as I am working frantically to meet writing goals before heading down to Florida with the resident ex-Soviets to celebrate New Year at Disney World. W00t.

Am very tired and stressed, but still live and present on planet earth. If I have been neglectful in correspondence, you now know why.

As far as Xmas gifts, I received an embarrassing amount of awesome under the tree here in Ohio, from a Venetian mask to a little British-themed stocking full of Irn Bru, HP sauce, Picnic bars, and Devonshire cream to a Complete Illustrated Morte D’Arthur. I’m actually reluctant to list everything, as it’s just too much for one girl. But I am happy and well-fed.

Soon, I will have a life again.

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