Stupid Frigging Thing

Wrangling tech support for this “superprize” mp3 player (Samsung/Napster YP-910 if you wondered) has eaten my entire day, also my will to live.

I have been on the phone with Napster, Samsung, Microsoft, HP, and Napster again. Windows Media Player still won’t detect the device.

It will not work without Napster/WMP because of the evil of firmware. I am pissed off, even though this was ostensibly free. I want to have something to remind me of Seattle’s big loss, and the great time I had watching them biff it. Also, I want an mp3 player, but that’s beside the point of wanting this mp3 player. And my reminder is borked, because of stupid.

I don’t know what to do at this point, we’re going to try installing it on another computer to see if Genevra just doesn’t like HP/Samsung miscegenation, but gah. This is why ipod is still on top of the market, despite all other companies’ efforts to develop equivalent devices. They’re not equivalent. iPods work, even if they are occasionally buggy. This is my second non-ipod mp3 player and it doesn’t frigging work. You can drag files into it, and the files will be on the device, eating memory, but if you didn’t do it with Napster, it won’t play them. I realize ipods force you to deal with itunes, but if you use itunes, it generally works and sees your ipod attached to the computer. This device came with Napster written all over it, and all over the box in orange letters, and the stupid Napster logo appears when you turn it on, yet it is not actually compatible with the Napster system. I kill you all. And Windows Media Player not only refuses to detect Napster on my system–even though it’s up, running, online, and I only downloaded it to use this frigging thing–and therefore will not deign to install its own plugin, but it will not detect the device the entire rest of the computer detects. So…Samsung is staffed by retarded tapir, clearly.

This may well be a paperweight. Goddammit, why can’t I just have a frigging mp3 player? Why is this so hard? Why is tech support the root of all possible evil? Did they outsource to India so Shiva could dance on the desks with all available phones shoved into his orifices while Kali handled the voicemail system?

Rocks fall, everyone dies.

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