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I am still alive, I swear.

I’ve just had a really rough couple of days. Sam left for Iraq and I think we had just been able to pretend it wasn’t happening until the morning he left, and then it was just tearful and brutal, as if we haven’t done this many times before. At which point I had to drive for eight hours to Cleveland with nothing to do but think about it. I therefore got a speeding ticket for not paying attention closely enough to see the speed trap. The cop gave me a break because I’m cute and have a military ID, basically, and didn’t record the actual speed, and it won’t go on my record, but I still have to pay the ticket. On top of all this I’ve had a small pregnancy scare, which is kind of a misnomer, since there is really no such thing as a small scare, and have for the last couple days had my psyche eaten by uterine terror. No longer an issue, but massively unfun. Note to universe: Cat is not currently in need of kittens, kthxbye.

So I’ve been kind of caved and unwilling to crawl out for fear of being greeted with cops, a shot spouse, or a baby.

But I’m here in Cleveland, and safe, and spending my days curled up in a big fluffy bed writing the third book of The Orphan’s Tales, which is an act of pure pleasure. These books are just a playground for me, and the monkey bars are bitchin’. It’s like going to work at a puppies and lollipops factory, it’s so much fun to write.

And as it always does, the drive to Cleveland was so boring that many story revelations occurred to me while my brain tried to entertain itself–including the solution to the Big Mystery, which I’ve been waiting for my mind to spiral around to for four years. So no physical baby, but my pulp-and-glue baby is growing up to be quite a young lady.

I’m going to start doing the little wordcount/reason for stopping, etc meme that all the cool LJ authors do, to keep myself on track. I’m setting a pretty leisurely writing schedule for myself, since I’m simultaneously editing the first two books, and that’s a lot of screentime. For me, 2006 really began yesterday. It’s going to be a long and exciting year.

And last but not least OMGCONGRATULATIONS to my beloved, beautiful , who gave birth to her stunningly goregous baby boy Bodhi on Monday. I wish I could hug you both!

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