State of the Cat

Well, it’s nice to be in my old cyber-home again. It’s been a bizarre
couple of weeks for many reasons, not the least of which having Major
Life Events without you nice folks to talk to about them. It’s funny
how we become dependent on LJ as this kind of therapy-substitute, and I
admit to feeling slightly guilty for having Things Happen without
telling you.

The short version is that in the middle of that horrible week when I
had to delete this journal, the universe apparently wanted to teach me
some kind of arcane lesson about family and love, and I happened to get
in touch with an aunt and uncle I haven’t seen in thirteen years or so.
The things we discussed rewrote a large portion of my personal history for me,
and I am at the moment overwhelmed with the sheer amount of love that
has been expressed to me over the last two weeks, a thing which is
usually kind of sparse on the ground in my life. It’s really pretty
humbling. I mean, who am I to deserve this?

The long version will have to wait until I’ve fully processed it. But I think I’m spending Christmas in Colorado.

In slightly more quotidian news, Cleveland abides.
and I have broken out the kitchen witchery in a massive way, and have
turned the stove here into a veritable cauldron of wonders. In a week
we’ve mealed up the following, all from scratch: butternut squash
risotto, mushroom-chipotle-barley soup, pumpkin pie, shortbread,
blueberry muffins, cranberry compote, squash-and-onion latkes, a
frittata with smoked cheese, curry-carrot-apple soup, and a full
British high tea with pesto-cucumber, chicken masala, and mango chutney
and onion finger sandwiches, cookies, muffins with clotted cream, fresh
plums and pomegranates, and blood orange tea.

This does not, of course, even count in godlyperspectiv‘s ubiquitous breakfasts of pancakes and blintzes and pesto-eggs and caramelized onions…mmmm.

Curiously, a disproportionate amount of our food to date has been
orange. We rock the beta-carotene, and can now see in the dark.

Though, being in a house of vegetarians, I haven’t had meat in some time.
Which makes for growly grizzly belly crying “Put carrion in me!” Even with all this crazy non-diet approved cooking, I am probably eating healthier here than I have since Japan.

Nevertheless, the kitchen around here has turned into, well, church.
Ph34r our leet domestic skillz, for we are fabulously beautiful
post-Bronte feminist artist girls with no designs on the pond out back,
and we cook like we could save the world with a ladel.

Other activities have included reading grailquestion The Little Prince, so that we could finally discuss the all-important question of whether or not a sheep has eaten a rose. Also watching Excel Saga, which is literally the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and I hate anime. But Excel Saga ownz me. However, I still plan to spring my audio recording of Eliot reading The Waste Land on them tonight. It’s becoming a regular salon out here.

So, um, I’m kind of happy. How the hell did that happen?

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