I have done something to anger the computer gods, clearly.

My laptop remains unusable, due to the fact that it eats power cords.
Having dropped $125 on a new power cord, it would appear that the
problem is, in fact, with the power socket itself, which only wishes to
connect to the power source for short bursts.

Now, I’m pissed about the $125, but this sounds like it could get a lot
more expensive. I only bought this stupid thing, with writing-earned
money no less, because the desktop was completely out of commission for
5 months while Sony Tokyo
dicked around with it (twice–I brought it home once and it still
didn’t work) and never saw fit to tell me what was wrong in the first
place. I had deadlines, and could in no way be without a computer. This
being Japan, it would have been far more expensive to work in webcafes
than to just buy a new computer.

So I bought the cheapest laptop they had. Maybe this was my mistake.
And I haven’t been able to use it for something like 6 months now
because of the power cord issue. The desktop is back in service, though
I still don’t entirely trust it, because, well, see above. I have no
idea what went wrong in the first place and am supposed to trust in the
almighty Sony that they fixed it.

So I don’t know whether to just cut my losses and call this machine
dead–I so can’t afford another one right now but the desktop is, for
the moment, functional–or plunk down what will likely be at minimum a
couple hundred dollars to fix it. I do prefer, rather extremely, working on a laptop and I
curse having ever bought either of these machines. And should I return
the new cord? That’s $125 we could use.

I know, I know, poor me. Not a real problem. Middle-class consumerist
problem. But I make my living with these infernal devices, and they
just. keep. dying. on. me.

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