Space Opera News and A Reading!

Do you live in and/or near Boston? Fantastic! Cat Valente will be in your neighborhood (roughly) TOMORROW at Speculative Boston. Come see her read from Space Opera, and see two other brilliant authors at this event: Elizabeth Bear and Cadwell Turnbull! Since Trident Booksellers and Café is temporarily closed, head on over to the Coolidge Corner Library at 7 PM on Tuesday, April 24.


Now for some Space Opera news: 

Have you wondered what The Big Idea is with Space Opera, anyway? Well, it’s a good thing John Scalzi runs the series of guest posts that lets you find out:

Sometimes you plan a book. Carefully. Meticulously. You hone it, prune it, and shepherd it through the publication progress with all the gentleness you’d give to a particularly shy child.

And sometimes a book comes to you. And the book says: I’m happening. Deal with it. I’m happening right now. Just…hold on to something.

Space Opera, you may not be surprised to learn, was the second kind of book. [Keep reading here.]

Or perhaps you’re more interested in the writing process than the idea behind the book. In that case, you want to read Cat’s guest post over on Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds: “5 Things I Learned Writing Space Opera.”

Did you miss Cat’s AMA on Reddit over the weekend? Not to worry! You can read how it all went down right here.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print this morning – unless you’d be interested in a Twitter thread covering all the species names and proper alien names from Space Opera, along with their translations from the languages of various Eurovision countries. In which case, enjoy!

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