Sound and Fury

I am, I think, rather justifiably proud of myself.

It took all frigging day, no exaggeration, but the audio recording of The Descent of Inanna is done. And it’s not just an audio recording, it’s an audiobook.

I totally figured out Adobe Audition and it has doubled and tripled audio tracks, a downright terrifying vocal effect for the Annuna, and on top of that I pulled out my old acting chops–did I ever tell you how I used to be an actress and that not one but both of my parents were directors for most of my early childhood? (Father = film, mother = theater) Yeah. From about age 2 to about 17, there was hardly a time I wasn’t doing something in front of a camera or onstage. And then I quit cold turkey–that’s how much fuck fish. Maybe I’ll tell y’all about it sometime.

So I whipped all that out, marked my beats and my scansion like old times, and did a plethora of voices for all the characters, beat my breast and cried when Inanna got hook’d (ow, my entire life!) and practically made a radio play. Had I had a lovely assistant, I would have added in music and backround sound effects…alas. But dude, it’s awesome. I was parked in front of the microphone for over eight hours, but damned if I didn’t make something damn cool. Now I’m wondering what other pieces of my writing would make for good audiobooking…

It’s also got S.J. Tucker‘s Crystal Cave as a bonus track on the end (used with permission!) which is a lovely song featuring the divine Miss I.

The CD itself is signed and emblazoned with the Ptolemaic map of the crystalline spheres. It was a regular little cottage industry here last night with the CD production. Which reminds me that I totally spaced my column last week with the imminent brother-presence, and need to write next week’s ahead of time, which will involve How to Live with a Writer. Anyway.

The CDs go out today. There are 5 LE books left (the ones that come with the CD) and maybe I’ll figure out some way to distribute further CDs once Papaveria has made its money back on this edition.

Now, back to editing The Book of the Sea!

Also, join me in bidding a fond farewell to Heloise the Beetle. I traded her in this weekend for a diesel Bug, which gets something like 50 miles to the gallon on the freeway, has all kinds of bells and whistles, cost only slightly too much money, and is a very pretty deep sparkly blue. Must try to enjoy the FFVIII paycheck the Navy provides while it lasts, and we will need the gas mileage next year. And this year. The new bug is called Hildegaard, (sticking with the H- medieval mystics) and if anyone knows of any place to procure decals of Ms. Bingen’s art, give me a heads up. I loved Heloise, she was a good girl, and I miss her. Hildy and I are still getting used to each other. But we’ll get there.

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