Some Things In My World

I have things to tell you!

One, I will be Guest of Honor at Mythcon in Albuquerque, New Mexico this weekend. Come and see me give a long talk about fairy tales and medievalism! Drink with me! I have a few extra days to hang out in town, so I hope folks will come out to play. Also I will get to see some of my family there, as my aunt and uncle and cousins are coming to see me! This is the first time any of my "people who have known me since I was born" family who will have come to a con. Eeeps!

I’ll also be doing a reading/signing on Sunday at noon at Alamosa Books in ABQ–please come out and listen! I’ll do a Q & A with the usual dry humor as well.

Also! I am now doing a regular podcast with my buddies  ,  , Paul Cornell, and Lynne Thomas. It is called SFSqueeCast, and you can find out all about it here. In it, we are all positive about things we like! Therefore, you can be sure that once a month I will be eaten by a pod person who will say kind, gentle things about books and movies in my voice.

Also also! My story The Wolves of Brooklyn is in this month’s Fantasy Magazine–will be available for free on the 18th, but available now to subscribers. It is about giant wolves eating people in Brooklyn, and inspired by a stray   comment last winter. You want to read it.

Also also also! In seven little days, a massive prequel novelette to The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making will go up on It is called The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland–For a Little While, and it is about Queen Mallow, in her salad days. AND they hired Ana Juan to illustrate it OMG. Thus, it will be beautiful, and perhaps tide you kids over til the Fairyland sequel comes out next year.

Finally, GRUDGINGLY, I am on Google+ as Cat Valente. I don’t trust it, and want it off my lawn. But the Hangout thing might be worth it. Writing dates, you know? Pair it with Turntable, with which I am currently obsessed…awesome?

I am probably forgetting things.

New house pics tonight!

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