Some Things I Would Like To Do–the Non-Writing Version

  • Create some kind of visual art I would not be ashamed to display
    in my house. (No, you cannot see the CuntKanji painting, so don’t ask.)
  • Have a musical version of one of the little folk songs I’ve written, either from The Daughters’ Tales or The Ice Puzzle, so that I could sing it, record it, and have it up on my site, possibly accompanied by my lovely new flute.
  • Some kind of podcast thing.
  • Run a small online writing workshop–a Home for Unwanted Poets.
  • Collaborate with someone. On something. This is a tall order, since I’m very much of ‘s
    mind with regards to collaboration–I’d sooner sleep with someone than
    collaborate with them; the intimacy is so much greater with the latter.
  • Make a quilt with . (Send us your scraps of fabric!)
  • Paint my living room wall a dark rose color. By myself.
  • Turn my house into a monastic retreat for one week–no speaking,
    tea and rice/fish/fruit only, meditation, prayer hours, mindful work,
    yoga. Whether writing would be allowed is very iffy.
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