Snow Day

Yesterday, the Portuguese language rights to The Orphan’s Tales sold, and today I got the early draft of the cover art for the second volume. There is a leopard and a robot on the cover, oh yes. And a manticore. And it is red. Fairy tales all around.

I woke up this morning feeling better, rather than worse, for a change. This is good, as I have felt vile this week. Not so good is that my beta of Word 2007 is expired, so I am without word processor today. Ah well.

Did you ever hear about that guy who did a documentary wherein he said “yes” to anything asked of him for a year? I wonder what it would be like to do the writer’s equivalent–say “yes” to any literary request for a year. Any subject, any type of work (poem, novel, short story, villanelle, etc) any publication, any material someone even idly asked for. Would it be profound? Or profoundly boring? I wonder. Challenges like that always pique me.

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