Sitting in the Red Room

This may be an appropriate time for a *squee*. However, I’m not sure *squee* cuts it, in this case.

I hope some of you can understand just how happy the following news makes me–maybe only a certain kind of writer/reader can.

I’ve been asked to write an introduction for the new edition of Jane Eyre by Norilana Books.

Though Ms. Bronte is practically the definition of “needs no introduction,” I can’t begin to overestimate how honored I am to be asked to do it. This is one of my favorite books, the reason this blog was called The Red Room for a year and a half. I’ve never been asked to write an introduction before, and this is a Canon book. Feminist canon, western canon, you name it.

I’m so happy to do it I can’t even say. Not to mention the fact that I’ve been promised front-cover credit, which means that somewhere in the world will be a copy of Jane EyreJane by-god Eyre!–that has my name below Charlotte’s. And that is a small “my life is now complete” moment. I feel like a real writer, and a real (well, quasi-real) academic today. I know I am one, by all measurements except that pesky unfinished graduate degree, but some days I don’t feel like it, and some days I do.

Which means today is a good day.

And I’ll do you proud, O shade of Charlotte, O ghost of Jane, I promise.

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