Shriek If You Love Squid!

Ok, so I’ll  be in NYC tomorrow, and hopefully some of you can make it to the Shriek event (should I read from the Orphan’s Tales or a short story? Decisions, decisions. Initially I thought I’d be reading from Shriek and was all excited to do that, but alas, they want to hear from me, and not the mushrooms. Too bad there’s no time to make a Grey Cap Sympathizer t-shirt.) the info of which is:

August 20, 7-11 p.m. at Galapagos Art Space [70 North 6th Street between Kent and Wythe, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718 782-5188). Subway: L to Bedford Ave]. $7.

Should anyone want to get together with me while I’m in town, Monday night is probably best, and my cell is 757-409-2762. No stalkers kthx. I probably won’t be meeting anyone I haven’t either a. met previously b. know really, really well on LJ, in a well-lit public area or c. is accompanied by a or b.

Come one, come all! I hear there’s lobster burlesque! I wouldn’t miss that, if I were you.

I still need your address, 2muchexposition.

Also, allergies have pretty much immobilized me. Suck.

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