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I’ll be finishing my run at Charlie Stross’s blog this week, so I should be back with big thought-chunk essays here in my own bed next week. I miss you guys! You are kind of the best commentariat on the internet. You hardly ever skin each other alive!

Elsewhere on the webs, I started a tumblr, (a new one, I could never figure out how to get WordPress to cross post to the T) because my life is a little fucked right now, and I need to unfuck it, ala Unfuck Your Habitat. It’s not really important that you follow it unless you want to hear about my struggles to get a normal sleep schedule on, clean the house, change my basic writing habits, healthify my relationship with my technology, etc. It’s to make myself stick to a plan of reformatting my existence on Planet Earth so that don’t lose my fool mind running on the same programming that I did when I was 19. If I document it, and say I’m Embarking on a Scheme, then I’m much more likely to actually make changes and those changes are more likely to stick. It’s gonna be slow and I’ll never be perfect, but I needed a separate, dedicated space to learn, at age 32, how to be a goddamned grown up.

Plus, the pleasure of posting triumphant gifs is a siren song.

It’s called Girl Unlocked, it is full of gifs because I secretly love them and have tried to keep this space reasonably free of what a total doofus I am. But tumblr, she loves the giffery, so I have cut loose there. Today is Day 1, so of course it’s working great–we’ll see if I can keep up after the newness has worn off.

For those of you in New England, this Saturday is s00j’s show at my house! All are welcome, let me know if you need the address!

Now I go to make hay of the remainder of my day.


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