SF Squeecast Wins 2013 Hugo!

Another WorldCon has come and gone, with fascinating discussions on the state of SFF today and an entertaining Hugo Awards ceremony. Keep up with the news of future WorldCons and how you can participate in deciding the best of speculative fiction today – check out the website for Loncon 3 (the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention will be in London next year), and visit the Hugo Awards site often for information on voting membership tiers.

SF Squeecast took the Hugo – second year running – for Best Fancast! Courtesy of Strangelove for Science Fiction, here’s a photograph of the glittering and gorgeous hosts of the SF Squeecast:

Left to right, we have Seanan McGuire, Lynne M. Thomas, Elizabeth Bear, and our own Catherynne M. Valente. Not pictured is the inimitable Paul Cornell, the fifth regular contributor to the podcast. He did an excellent job as Toastmaster for the Hugo Awards ceremony this year, and was not so much glittering as entirely dapper throughout.

Each participant of the SF Squeecast gave their thanks, and then Elizabeth Bear announced that the SF Squeecast is henceforth withdrawn from consideration for future Hugo Awards in the Best Fancast category.

You can listen to the SF Squeecast via their site and download it from iTunes. All free, all the time!

Congratulations to all winners in the 2013 Hugo Awards!

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