Read Up on Revival

I have decided, unless unforeseen events come a-clattering on my head again, to retain this journal as my main one. Please make a note of it, and accept my apologies for the initial total meltdown that led to deletion in the first place.

I will post on Monday as to how all of this is going to work, with friends-filters and locked entries and (which I will also keep) and the like. Friday, as teaches us, is no time for widespread announcements.

Thank you to everyone for their very kind advice. I’m still considering
the name-change token issue, and will mull it over the weekend. The
thing is that I like Yuki-Onna, and she’s been me for such a long time.
A name change would take that away, that history, that connection to

Ah, this is all so complicated. Kidz these days and their propensity
for public intimacy. What’s next? Open exchange of emotions and
thoughts? Dogs and cats living together?

Anyway, this is the Bat Channel. Stay tuned.

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