Random Arisia Things

* The hotel was horribly designed for a con, and though we didn’t stay in it, we were mildly aghast. On the other hand, not staying in the hotel always makes a con feel oddly distant.

* The panels were hit or miss, I had a good time, but sometimes it seemed as though moderators had never been assigned to begin with. It is also possible that I talk too much. I also in no way should be paired with three MIT scientists on a panel, because seriously, what do I have to add to any discussion they might have? And I’ll say “explicitly coded” if I want to, dammit. Look it up.

* At the BPAL Meet n’ Sniff, people seemed to misunderstand the “sniff” part and walked off with about 15 of my imps in total. Thanks a lot, jerks. But most of the folk were nice, and rather shocked when we were all packing up and I suddenly had barely 10 imps left in my previously overflowing box.

* Met


, who are deeply cool, and many other folks whose usernames I will probably mess up. Shadesong’s party was slightly surreal but fun.

* People take themselves WAY too seriously sometimes. “Space Skank” party by invitation only? Please.

* I was oddly grateful that

was there–a familiar face, not seen often enough these days, and it made me feel less isolated in a con that was ultimately probably not my scene. (Not really a con about books, when it comes down to it.) I thought we bonded a little more than usual–but that might be the Rocket Fuel talking. (Cocktail made with dry ice and grain alcohol.)

* Small world syndrome is insane. I’m looking at you,




are awesome for letting us stay with them, and awesome in general, surprisingly becoming some of my favorite people after a chance meeting last year at a wedding.

* I did sell a bunch of books, both out of the pirate chest and through the dealers’ rooms, and thus had the funds to buy myself a new

necklace which I love terribly.


is face-smackingly talented.


is great on panels, and I just enjoy the hell out of his presence whenever it is handy.

* I had a good time, particularly Saturday night, but will likely not go back next year. Expense is high for Boston cons, and I’m already going to Boskone and Readercon. I felt kind of out of place at Arisia, the only kangaroo among the daisies, so to speak. This might have been affected by the news of big “D” papers being filed right before I left and some odd wrangling with book availability, but then, it might not have.

* Am now burrowing, working, and recovering. I’m really looking forward to February, when I can regain the 70% of my personality that has been crushed under the wheel and of necessity jettisoned for the last five months.

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