All right, Doc, call it.

4:38 am, EST.

The Grass-Cutting Sword, she is finished.

Wow, I can’t really believe it. And sick all weekend, too. Allergies and flu at the same time–how festive.

I think I’ll probably have some things to say about this project, as soon as my brain reattaches.

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110 Responses to Qaplah!

  1. aftertorless says:

    Hurrah! I tip a congratulatory glass of the blond bubbly in your general direction for your accomplishment!

  2. joemorf says:

    Congratulations! I tip a congratulatory mug of restorative chicken soup in your general direction for your accomplishment!


  3. Three cheers for you!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Congratumalations, O’ Snicker-Snack.

  5. slipjig says:

    Awright! *high five*

  6. justbeast says:


  7. sola says:

    Congrats! Now to await with much a-waiting.

  8. greybeta says:

    Congratulations! I look forward to seeing your thoughts as soon as you reattach your brain.

  9. cynthia1960 says:

    w00t! huzzah!

    now get better!

  10. Woo, woo! Congrats, Lady. ^_^

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