Prester John Drawing, Short Fiction, and The Internet Hates Me Today

Today is the day when All My Writing comes out.

It usually is. November 1st is A Day in the life of Cat. I’ve always had a book out on 11/1, since 2006. We moved to Peaks Island on 11/1/08. Oh yeah, and we got married on 11/1/09. A bunch of you were there. It was amazing.

And today, the universe would like to tell me that despite all this, I should not be working on my anniversary. Our modem died, I am gulping wireless from the cafe to post about These Many Things, and then I’ll be offline til the new modem comes around Friday, except via my phone.

This means I really need your help, should you be inclined, to get the word out about this stuff because I will not be able to for a few days! As usual, if you post, RT, write a review on Amazon or BN or GoodReads or whathaveyou about my new book, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a prize package that will include The Folded World, Ventriloquism, my Secret Pseudonym Project (which you will then be obligated to keep secret) a jar of fresh peach-riesling-cardamom jam made by me, and a Skype chat at a time of your choosing. We can talk about whatever you like–you can even pitch me your book if you want to. Leave a comment on this entry with a link to your post!

So! First off! New Novel! The Folded World, the second book in my Prester John series, is out today. It is full of sentient emeralds, ill-fated Crusades, girls with bird wings, demons, monsters, and John Mandeville. I am proud of it; I hope you like it. We will have icons and other extras later in the week–for now, refresh your Prester John memory with my Action Figure Tutorial on medieval history!

Speaking of novels, I was BOWLED OVER to learn this morning that BOTH Fairyland and Deathless are up for the GoodReads Choice Award, in Middle Grade and Fantasy respectively! I’ve never been up for this before so to have two books up there just knocks me out! Please do remember to vote!

In short fiction, my story The Bread We Eat in Dreams is up at Apex in Lynne Thomas’s first issue, along with a good-bye note. I’ll be posting more about Apex later this week as well, what I learned and where I go from here. For now, I’m SUPER excited about my story of demons in rural Maine, with bonus witch burning, wicked school for girls, and Cotton Mather cameo.

The second part of Silently and Very Fast, my AI novella, should be up in a day or two.

Good grief, Charlie Brown. November is off to a start.

And now I go to have my second anniversary with my woolly, wonderful, wild things love justbeast, and await a new modem. Please link around if you can and feel good about it–I’ll see you all tomorrow when I drag myself into town to borrow a cup of wireless from pixelcandy.

Happy book day!

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