Poetry and Laurels

A quick announcement to say that I’ll be giving a reading at the University of Maryland, College Park at 7 pm on March 2nd. It’s pretty fabulous to be spontaneously invited to speak at a university, so I hope I live up to expectations! I’ll likely be reading poetry and fiction, and a lot of classical stuff, since the reading is co-sponsored by the Classics Department there–see? You can do something with a Classics degree!

Anyone in the area is more than welcome to attend–I’ll have more information as I get it.Please do come!

More exciting news–The Orphan’s Tales will be an illustrated novel, which is wonderful enough as it is, but even better is that the amazing Michael Kaluta will be doing them. Add this to the stunning Jon Foster cover and this book would an incredible work of art, even if it had no words in it at all. I’m all a-wriggle.

And to cap my Friday, The Grass-Cutting Sword is down to $10 on Amazon. Total steal for a book stuffed full of beasties.

And finally, congratulations to all the Rhysling nominees on my flist–there seems to be a glut of good fortune and wonderful talent this year!

Look at us in this little ether-family. We’re all doing so well. Warms the cockles.

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