The Fairyland tour has unofficially started–officially it kicks off Tuesday in LA (7pm reading at the Huntington Beach Barnes and Noble–please come!) but this weekend I’m in Orlando for the International Reading Association conference. Monday is my big programming day–tonight is dinner with just about everyone ever.

This section of Orlando is clearly Convention Land. Hotels and the giant convention center and that’s all. I forgot my bathing suit like a FOOL and would have to take a cab to a distant mall to get one. I am apparently quite far from the drag in Orlando where every other shop sells nothing but towels and bathing suits (and towels with bathing suits printed on them.)

My hotel room is so nice I swooned, and I’m enjoying some alone time to transition to Tour Cat and get some outstanding work done. And freak out about how FAIRYLAND IS OUT ON TUESDAY WHAT.

Florida…well, I could never live here, but I enjoy the produce. It’s hot and bright and muggy and there are terrifying bugs. Swimming pools everywhere and the ocean, but I have passed the point in my life where I am willing to deal with 95 degrees in early May. I lived in California. I am done. Maine has a spring. It’s an actual season with transitions and early-spring and late-spring. But the fish and the fruit down here is so amazing. It is a trade off.

I watched Dane Cook on Comedy Central last night. Back when no one knew who he was I actually thought he was funny. He’s not funny at all–not unfunny, or painful, really, just not amusing. He says stuff. It’s not funny. But people scream with laughter. Ladies and Gentlemen: the modern world.

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A Sekrit Projekt is brewing.

Towards it bubbling up sooner rather than later, I have a request for my readers.

What have been your favorite posts on this blog? Anything, anytime–just leave a comment letting me know what you remember best, what you’ve linked to, what you’ve shared. A link is best, but if you can only vaguely remember the subject, that’s fine too.

I’ve been blogging for ten years. That’s astonishing. I used to think I’d never own a computer.

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It is my birthday! Made it to level 32 without dying.

In fact, I was born at 5:44 pm, so we are either very near to my exact birthday or a few hours away, depending on if you could Pacific Standard Time or not.

Thank you to everyone who said happy birthday on various networks–what a lovely thing to wake up to.

I am off for my special dinner in town!

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Today is your last day to download the original Fairyland for free. Downloads close at 8pm. Thank you to everyone who felt the glee of this and had fun with the mini-game.

It’s also worth noting that today Amazon announced Fairyland as their Best YA Book for May. This is extraordinary, to say the least. Cory Doctorow’s extremely extraordinary review is on the Amazon page.

My little book is getting quite a christening. I am proud and nervous and it’s only a few days before I leave on my tour. I am on editor’s orders to rest…which means only a little work. 😉

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