If you’re in New York City or will be next week, look sharp: CMV and Christopher Barzak will be reading at Fantastic Fiction at KGB next Wednesday!

The event starts at 7PM at the KGB Bar: see Fantastic Fiction at KGB’s website for further details.

Nothing’s finalized, but we’ve heard that CMV may very well be reading from her forthcoming novel Radiant! (Title also not finalized.) This is her next publication for adults, scheduled to be published by Tor in 2014, and is inspired by her short story “The Radiant Car Thy Sparrows Drew.”

You know you want a sneak preview of the novel CMV once described as:

A sprawling epic about love, fame, film-making, and the search for identity and authenticity in a densely populated solar system full of planets as seen through the lens of classic pulp SF: waterworlds, ice planets, and jungle moons. Imagine The Artist with giant Venusian tentacle whales.

So don’t miss out! Next Wednesday, September 18th, 7PM, KGB bar. If you’re in NYC, be there.

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io9 has an exclusive excerpt of The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two, the third installment in September’s adventures in Fairyland. If you haven’t seen it yet, hop on over – there are two curious chapters for your perusal!

Did we mention there’s also an enchanting book trailer over at io9 as well? Featuring Ana Juan’s gorgeous illustrations from the novel, and the wicked carousel music of “September’s Rhyme” by S.J. Tucker, it is not to be missed!

The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two will be released on October 1st, wherever books are sold. CMV will also be doing a small tour, so check back for dates!

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Another WorldCon has come and gone, with fascinating discussions on the state of SFF today and an entertaining Hugo Awards ceremony. Keep up with the news of future WorldCons and how you can participate in deciding the best of speculative fiction today – check out the website for Loncon 3 (the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention will be in London next year), and visit the Hugo Awards site often for information on voting membership tiers.

SF Squeecast took the Hugo – second year running – for Best Fancast! Courtesy of Strangelove for Science Fiction, here’s a photograph of the glittering and gorgeous hosts of the SF Squeecast:

Left to right, we have Seanan McGuire, Lynne M. Thomas, Elizabeth Bear, and our own Catherynne M. Valente. Not pictured is the inimitable Paul Cornell, the fifth regular contributor to the podcast. He did an excellent job as Toastmaster for the Hugo Awards ceremony this year, and was not so much glittering as entirely dapper throughout.

Each participant of the SF Squeecast gave their thanks, and then Elizabeth Bear announced that the SF Squeecast is henceforth withdrawn from consideration for future Hugo Awards in the Best Fancast category.

You can listen to the SF Squeecast via their site and download it from iTunes. All free, all the time!

Congratulations to all winners in the 2013 Hugo Awards!

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WorldCon fast approaches, with its bevy of intriguing panels and the glittered frenzy of the Hugo Awards ceremony. Refer to LoneStarCon 3’s interactive program guide (Pocket Guide PDF download here) or daily on-location notices for all the latest schedule details. For you excited and/or grizzled con-goers already planning out your event attendance strategy, read on below for the skinny on Catherynne M. Valente’s appearances!


Stroll with the Stars Thursday
9AM – Lobby (Rivercenter)
With: Bobbie DuFault, Jason M. Hough, Steven Silver, Stina Leicht, Hagrid, C. J. Mills, Catherynne M. Valente, Phil Foglio, Lawrence M. Schoen

FRIDAY – AUGUST 30, 2013

Reading: Catherynne M. Valente
2PM – 002B (Convention Center)


Like a Metaphor: Ongoing Relations between Poetry and Science
1PM – 102A (Convention Center)
How poetry can serve science no less than how science can serve poetry.
With: Rie Sheridan Rose, Catherynne M. Valente, Nancy Hightower, Jaime Moyer

Alice Sheldon and Susan Wood: Can They Still Inspire Us?
4PM – 007B (Convention Center)
Feminism caught fire in the SF community in the 1970s. The Tiptree Award, Broad Universe, Japan’s Sense of Gender Award. Do you feel the heat?
With: Liz Gorinsky, Catherynne M. Valente, Ann VanderMeer, Mari Kotani, Pat Murphy

Literary Beer: Catherynne M. Valente, John Wardale
5PM – Exh A – Literary Beers (Convention Center)


Should SF Consider the Aspects of the Future rather than Predicting the Future?
11AM – 006B (Convention Center)
With: Myke Cole, Tobias Buckell, Trina Marie Phillips, Charles E. Gannon, Catherynne M. Valente

Crowdfunding: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly
1PM – 008B (Convention Center)
Crowdfunding is an easy way to raise money — or is it? You still have to solicit and work at it. What works, and what is going to fail? What should you look out for? What are the sites to use, and to avoid?
With: Tobias Buckell, Howard Tayler, Christopher J. Garcia, Catherynne M. Valente

Real Animals in a Fantasy World
2PM – 007B (Convention Center)
Whether the animals are characters or part of the context of a good story, what do you need to know to “get it right”?
With: Shanna Swendson, Elizabeth Moon, Catherynne M. Valente, Barbara Galler-Smith

Autographing: Marie Bilodeau, Guadalupe Garcia McCall, Catherynne M. Valente
4PM – Autographing (Convention Center)


Creating a Memorable Podcast
10AM – 008A (Convention Center)
There are thousands of podcasts out there. How do some manage to stand out from the crowd? Our panel discusses what you can do to get noticed.
With: Stefan Rudnicki, David Farnell, Julia Rios, Patrick Hester, Catherynne M. Valente

How to Write a Novel
11AM – 006A (Convention Center)
Five pros do a Q&A session where you can ask all your questions about how to write novels–including subplots, structure, and increasing tension. Learn techniques to improve your writing.
With: Catherynne M. Valente, Nancy Kress, Paolo Bacigalupi, Walter Jon Williams

For even more up-to-date news, be sure to follow @CatValente on Twitter!

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Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego Catherynne M. Valente? We can tell you where she will be. CMV will be appearing at the 71st WorldCon, which is all gussied up this year as LoneStarCon 3 in San Antonio, TX! Held over the weekend of August 29th to September 2nd, WorldCon is also host to the 2013 Hugo Awards, for which CMV has been nominated in two categories: she is a nominee for Best Novelette for “Fade to White” (available to read at Clarkesworld Magazine) and as a regular presenter with the SF Squeecast in the Best Fancast category. The rest of her LoneStarCon 3 schedule will be posted as soon as it’s available.

Remember, if you’d ever like to know if CMV will be appearing near you, just check the Appearances page!

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