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Well, the weather sucks, so we’re a little delayed getting out of town and into Boston.

Which means you should all be extra sure to come to the show tomorrow, as it will be literally hell and high water to get there.

Pandemonium Books, Cambridge, 7pm Saturday. Be there.

Also, should you not be able to make it to that show but still want your book signed, I’ll be signing at the B. Dalton in Braintree the following Sunday, Dec. 10th, with nihilistic_kid. You know that’s unmissable. Two great flavors…I hear squid and orphan pie is all the rage this winter. (Oh, and, we’ll all be in Ann Arbor on the 15-18th for two s00j-and-me shows, so there’s that as well.)

And with that, I’m off to Boston and then New York. Like I said before, note down the cell number and I may be available evenings if work is sufficiently accomplished, but don’t be upset if I beg insufficient wordcount to play. I am, however, totally open to writing dates, as I find those work well for me. Contact me if you’re interested.

But first! My story is up at Clarkesworld Magazine. I’m really proud of this one–please, please go read it. I think it’s one of the best I’ve done, short story wise. Plus, it has Russian in it! It’s a rusalka (Russian mermaid-siren things) story, set in post-war St. Petersburg. Tragic? Of course!

Urchins, While Swimming

I’m still learning the short fiction gig, but I love this story and all it’s sad, dead people. Go read, do.

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