On y Va

Tonight, godlyperspectiv, grailquestion and I will be boarding the good ship Persephone and beginning our own katabasis-in-minature: downdowndown, down the Mississippi for 16 days, with stops at Our Lady of the Rivers, Mark Twain’s hometown, and othe points of interest, but mainly zenning and communing with the river gods, whosoever and wheresoever they may be.

So, clearly, I will have spotty internet access.

I cannot stress enough that if you need me for anything before June 25th, you must talk to me about it today. I will have my cell phone, whose number is:


but the river gods have a shit cellular plan, so no promises as to signal reception. I will be writing longhand in an honest to river notebook for the first time in ages, and leaving Genevra the Loyal Computing Machine at home, or rather, in the hands of mishamish so that he can record his part of the Grass-Cutting Sword audiobook (oh yes, you heard that right). Thus, I expect to return with new material, or at least new raw material to be transmuted into stories and books, so if I owe you something, never fear. I’m just trying a low-tech approach.

I need this vacation so badly. I can’t wait to go.

To tide you over whilst I’m away, there is now an excerpt of the aforementioned Grass-Cutting Sword up at the website–this is what I read at the Wiscon reading, released into the wild so that you can see just what kind of weird Shintopunk this book is going to be. Click here for a heartwarming tale of snake-eats-girl.

Catch y’all on the flipside. Or anytime till about 6 this afternoon, then on the flipside.

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