Just in time for Christmas!

So Virginia destroys my nostrils and throat with its Pilgrim-era swamp horrors, and my eyes weep constantly here.

So as an extra special present for me, the Navy discontinued the only allergy
medication that has consistently worked for me, which happened to be a
Navy-only brand. Hooray!

Oh, wait. *sobs*

Nothing else has worked, and now this is gone. I’m screwed. Fuck you
very much, Navy people. I rage in your general direction with much snot
and tears.

But…on the bright side, there is a chance, a fair-to-middling chance,
that we could get stationed in Crete next year. Crete! There’s a job,
we’re qualified for it, Sam’s of Greek descent and I can pick up Greek
pretty quickly from Ancient to Modern…and dude, minotaur! Labyrinth! We gambled
on extending our tour here to get a better choice of stations and I really feel like
this is meant to be–see above re: minotaurs and labyrinths. Jobs don’t open up there very often, and there aren’t many compteting for it. I want to go to Crete! All Cretans are liars! Cretecretecrete!

So, if I may ask, those of you inclined towards such things–light us
some candles and say prayers to the snake and axe goddesses so that we
can find our way to Knossos. No sacrificing dolphins, though, that’s excessive.

Tuna’s ok though, fuck ’em. They taste good with mayo and are delicious in the eyes of Zeus.

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