Oh No They Didn’t

So we came home from Mom’s Diner and it was like a slasher movie.

We had left Grimm alone for less than 90 minutes, and in that time she
had wreaked and impressive amount of destruction, including eating the
following: my cell phone, my laptop power cord (continuing the
universe’s refusal to let me own a working power cord for any device)
Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, (which I was 60 pages from finishing),
an ethernet cord, a completely dear and irreplaceable deck of Tarot
cards, the Darkest Peru tag from my Paddington Bear (yes, I brought it,
shut up), my moleskine (not destroyed, but looking like total crap
now), and several pages of the Orphan’s Tales galley. The bulk of the pages she just inexplicably decided to rearrange in a totally mixed-up order.

with the infinite patience which is her hallmark, taped the torn pages
back together over many “my dog ate my homework” jokes, scanned them in, and reprinted them all clean and
perfect again, and then re-ordered the rest of the 500+ page manuscript. She’s taking the galley to work this week to pdf-ify the
whole thing. However, the power cord and cell phone are a total loss,
which is great, because I certainly
have the money to replace them. The upshot is that I can’t use my own
computer until I can buy a new one, and I am out of contact with
everyone till I can get a new cell. Now, I have Sam’s phone and that’ll
work for now, but it has none of my numbers in it, so I can’t call
anyone. If you need to call me, the temporary number is under the cut:


So. I am somewhat hamstrung technology-wise. I may not be on IM much in
the next couple of days, and won’t be reading LJ beyond my lowest
filter, as I’m using the above mentioned Saint of Patience’s computer,
and that only to work. I will be checking email and will receive
comments and answer them, but that’s about it, for all this will be
expensive to replace.

Grimm is walking the thin line, man. She only really destroys shoes and
anything that is intimately mine and she sees me use every day. I guess
that’s a compliment, but I so didn’t need this kind of setback,
financially or otherwise. Yeeech.

On the bright side, I got the final cover art for The Orphan’s Tales today and it is lip-gibberingly beautiful. How did I get so lucky?

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