On the bizarre off-chance that someone might want to get me a Christmas present, my wishlist is here.

My address is:

Catherynne M. Valente
1355 Fishermans Rd.
Norfolk, VA 23503

if cards should wish to went their way meward.

As for the usual meme, I shall do what I did last year. Should there be
anything you want, or especially anything you need, ask me for it, and I may be able to oblige. May not,
but may be. I will try to fill at least one or two wishes, unless they
are ridiculously reasonable ones, in which case, I’ll try for more.

Merry Christmas.

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135 Responses to Obligatory…

  1. jlundberg says:

    Um, if you wouldn’t mind sending me the copy Yume that you promised, that would be groovy.

  2. rhapsody_98 says:

    Write a poem about Christmas lights in the South. :}

  3. erynn999 says:

    I clicked on your list, but it gave me a “this page doesn’t exist, go to the amazon.com home page” error.

    They are evil.

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