New Project Announcement: Essay Collection in 2012!

So excited! I finally get to announce A Thing!

The official publisher’s announcement will come in a few weeks, but I can finally tell you that I have an essay collection coming out (sometime) in 2012 (probably) from Mad Norwegian Press (the kids who brought you Chicks Dig Time Lords)!

As a lapsed critic and failed academic, I have wanted to do an essay collection FOREVER. It is like a LIFE GOAL. I’m so thrilled it’s finally happening!

The collection will be called Six-Gun Snow White, and will contain blog material as well as talks and essays I’ve done for various projects and events. Some new pieces, too. Folklore, fairy tales, science fiction and fantasy, gender and race issues, writing craft, culture and fandom. It’s a HUGE book, containing nearly a decade of non-fiction work. I haven’t yet decided whether to include movie and/or book reviews, provided they contain some critical value. I go back and forth on whether I should.

This means that if there’s an essay or non-fiction piece of mine that you’ve read anywhere, on the blog or off, that you want to make sure gets into the collection, now is the time to holler at me (you don’t have to provide a link, “that one about the ghostpigs” will do. I’ll know what you mean).

If’s there’s a topic you want to see me tackle, I’ve got a couple of weeks before the manuscript is due, so let me know and I’ll do my best to grab it by the horns.

I cannot wait to get this book into the world–Chicks Dig Time Lords was such a fantastic project, I’m all a-grin to be working with that team again.

Squee! I are a real live smarty pants blogger girl!

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