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I am so excited to make this post!

I am making this post from WordPress, not Livejournal. This is a huge sea change for me, the end of an era. It’s not that I don’t love LJ, it’s not that I’m leaving LJ in any way. I expect the main conversations will still take place there, where my community has grown and thrived over the last decade. (LJ and FB comments should appear on the main website as well, so that is a great place to see the majority of the discussion on any given post.) But given the recent DDoS issues, spam and privacy concerns, and the general motion of the internet, I felt I needed to change how I interact with social networking sites, to make it easier on myself, more secure from individual site crashes, and hopefully, everyone else.

So! When I hit post, this entry will propagate to Livejournal, Dreamwidth (same username), Twitter (@catvalente), Facebook, and my BRAND NEW COMPLETELY REVAMPED AWESOME WEBSITE

The website is gorgeous and so much cleaner and better organized–it’s been a long refit but it’s finally in, well, 1.0. More features and changes will roll out slowly over the next year. For now, you can find an entire page of free fiction, everything of mine that is available for free online in one place, an updated ebook store (still trying to get a bunch of this on Kindle, if anyone can help me out with that), updated biography and FAQ with a handy little 100-word bio for editors seeking such things and interviewers looking for common interview questions I have already answered, a Twitter widget on the front page as well as an automatically updating calendar, and best of all, it’s all in WordPress, so I can update it myself instead of pleading with poor Dmitri to update it for me. (Which means publishing announcements will be on the front page! Why, there’s one there now!)

There’s also a new variation on the tip jar: the automat. You can use the little switch to toggle between “buy the author a cup of coffee” “buy the author lunch” and “buy the author dinner” which all have different donation amounts. If you like my work or enjoyed the free fiction or whathaveyou, and are moved to toss me something extra, it’s just a little more tangible–very realistically, authors and artists need to live, some people are very kind and want to make sure that happens directly, and coffee and food are the stuff of life.

As part of the New Website excitement, I’ve put up my first novel, The Labyrinth, for free. Completely free, no strings attached, please enjoy it!

I’m just so pleased to have something this lovely and clean and organized. Richard Mueller to to thank for the beautiful graphics, and as always my husband Dmitri has wrangled the code.

I’ll keep you posted as it evolves, but I’m pretty proud of it as is. If you see anything you think should be there, a FAQ I missed or a feature you’d like to see, throw me an email and we’ll try to implement it in the next iteration.

Go look! What do you think?

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