My Two Front Teeth

Since I see the meme is going around again…

Should you like to get me a Christmas present, which is by no means certain, I have an up-to-date Amazon wishlist here.

I also want this in the worst way. I just can’t really justify the purchase right now.

As always, the best gift is to buy my books, and I must say The Orphan’s Tales makes a great gift, especially for the advanced child or mythically needful grown-up in your life.

I have no idea, really, if I am going to be able to swing presents for any but the most near and dear this year (rhyming!), but I hope to be chock full of the spirit of the season by the time the day arrives. 

I do love Christmas, despite the commercial stuff. I love giving gifts and I genuinely hate not being able to shower everyone I love with them. I love waking up with the tree and the Julie Andrews carols and the whole thing. I love being in Ohio where it actually snows. I even played a “sexy elf” once in a Christmas musical. No power on this earth will produce pictures of it, so don’t ask. Braids and a red velvet/white fur miniskirt were involved. That’s how committed I am to the Xmas.

This will be a small, but special one this year.

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